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Example of ABC's Refer & Enroll

You join ABC with Zorah. She is now your Advisor.


In your first two weeks, you refer a new member, your friend Yuri, to Zorah. He has visited Zorah’s website, and has expressed appreciation for her skills and gifts. Thanks to you, Yuri joins ABC with Zorah as his advisor.


In the next two weeks, you enroll your own ABC member, your friend Anne who appreciates your skills and gifts. You now have 1 member: Anne.


Anne, within her first two weeks, refers a new member to you, Brian, who has taken a look at your skills and gifts and is excited to experience what you offer! Brian joins ABC through you. You now have 2 members: Anne and Brian.


During Brian’s first two weeks, he refers a new member to you, Carolyn. You now have 3 members: Anne, Brian, and Carolyn.


Carolyn also refers a new member to you… and so on.


Approximately every 2 weeks, you are referred a new member!


A Quick Summary of Your Actions:

  1. First month only: refer 1 person, enroll 1 person.

  2. Each Month: send newsletter to your supporters (simply a summary of links, nothing new needs to be written).

  3. Each Month: share something from your Advisor’s newsletter.


Read on for more details…