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The ABC Referral System

Join ABC by enrolling with an Advisor whose skills and gifts you genuinely value.

  1. Within your first two weeks, refer a new member to your advisor in ABC, someone who would value your Advisor’s skills and gifts. (Once you’ve made a referral, your referral requirement is complete!)

  2. By the end of the first month, refer another member to ABC whom you would personally enroll: you’ll be their advisor. Choose someone who values your skills and gifts.


Then, your new member will repeat this process:


In their first two weeks, they refer someone to you. And that new member (now your second), will also refer someone to you… and on and on!


Yet, every person -- including you -- will only need to make one single referral, ever…  not ongoingly. Just refer one member in the first two weeks and you’re complete with your referral requirement!


With this simple and magical system, approximately every 2 weeks you’ll get a new referral and your network of supporters will grow.


For an example of how it works, read on.