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Onboarding Checklist

Step by Step for New Members of ABC


Week 1 Checklist:

  1. Make sure you have subscribed to these two newsletters:

    1. The Official ABC Newsletter.

    2. Your Advisor’s Monthly Supporter Newsletter (not sure? ask them!)

  2. Join the ABC Facebook Group

  3. Make sure you understand The ABC Guidelines -- if any questions, ask your ABC Advisor.

  4. Think about who in your network (friends and colleagues) would also love to join ABC. Make a list of 10 people.

  5. Reach out to those potential members and share The ABC Guidelines, or just tell them in your own words.


Week 2 Checklist:

  1. Create your own Sign Up Page and Welcome Gift. Not sure how? Ask your Advisor for help.

  2. Hopefully you now have a few people interested in joining ABC. Which of them would love your Advisor’s Welcome Gift? Send them to your Advisor’s Sign-Up Page. Once they sign up, you’ve completed your required referral!

  3. The remaining potential member(s) you can enroll for yourself, by sending them to your own Sign-Up Page. You will be their Advisor.


Week 3 Checklist:

  1. Check in with your new enrolled member: any questions? Are they clear about the next steps? Remember, you are their ABC Advisor.

  2. By now, you should have received a Supporter Newsletter from your Advisor. Take the actions requested there.

  3. Participate in the ABC Facebook Group as you are able to.


Week 4 Checklist:

  1. Send your first Supporter Newsletter!  See the template here.

  2. Check in again with your new enrolled member to clarify anything.

  3. You’ve completed the ABC onboarding checklist!