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Members are Supporters

Although we don’t promise that all your ABC members will become your clients, they do become your Supporters, because each month, they will consider sharing something of yours to their social media.  


(Sharing your advisor’s content or events each month is one of the commitments of belonging to ABC. If you’re not comfortable sharing one of the suggested items that month, let your advisor know why. They’ll appreciate your feedback!)


For example, your supporters might share one of your blog posts, or a webpage on your site, or a free gift that you publicly offer. To make it easy, you’ll offer them a few suggestions in your Supporter Newsletter.


As your members/supporters share your content or offerings every month, they will naturally get to know your business better.


Your members may eventually become clients, but before they do, they are learning to be your advocates.


And you will do the same for your own Advisor:


Once a month, consider sharing something of their offerings or content. Your Advisor will make it easy by sending you a monthly newsletter with a few options of what you might share. If you don’t happen to resonate with any of the options, reply to your Advisor with a suggestion of what they might create that you would be excited to share. This gives them valuable feedback!

The Magic of Refer and Enroll


Because each member is only required to refer one new member (to their Advisor) and Enroll one new member (for themselves) to the network, the process is doable for everyone who has any friends or colleagues who are collaborative business owners.


And yet, because every member is referring a new member to their Advisor (and you, too, become an Advisor when you enroll your first member), all Advisors, including you, will receive new referrals continuously.