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Gifts & Sharing

A Welcome Gift


As a new member, you’ll receive a Welcome Gift from your Advisor, something you value.


You’ll also create your own Welcome Gift for your future members, something that they can’t just find publicly for free, but something you sell.


Ideas for the Welcome Gift include:

  • one 30-60 minute complimentary session (or of any length you’d like to gift to your new member)

  • an online course that you typically sell for $50 or more

  • a customized virtual gift you make for your new member… for example a meditation teacher might record a special guided meditation just for the new member based on their interests or needs.


Monthly Sharing


You’ll receive a monthly Supporter Newsletter from your Advisor, with a small gift of the month (optional), and a few items (such as content or current offerings) that they would love your help sharing forward.


You’ll choose one of the things to share on your social media. Or you could share it privately with a few of your connections as appropriate. Or if you don’t resonate with any of the month’s options, reply to your Advisor. Offer a suggestion for what they might create that you would be excited to share. They’ll be grateful for your honest feedback to help them make their offerings and content more relevant!


And of course, when you become an Advisor, you’ll also get the same opportunity: each of your members (Supporters) will be joining your monthly Supporter Newsletter where you will (1) give them a small gift each month (optional) and (2) list a few current content pieces or offerings that you’d love their help to share on social media.